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Passenger Vans:

     Did you know that the NHTSA (The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) has now issued its 4th warning to all the owners of 12-15 passenger vans, warning them of the risks of driving the 12- 15 passenger vans? If you are planning to purchase a conversion van or other passenger van for your organization, consider an MFSAB (or Multi Function School Activity Bus) instead.

At, we provide only the safest and highest-quality buses for sale. Our MFSABs are not just for schools either. These mini buses are designed for church groups, after-school transportation, YMCA clubs, Girl Scouts and so much more. Our Starcraft Prodigy bus line has been tested not only by our company, but by Altoona, which is the Federal Government's bus safety and testing division. This group has given these activity buses their 7 year/200,000 mile approval; the normal standard for large buses! Passenger vans do not receive any safety testing.

Our buses also handle very much like a 12 or 15 passenger van. For this reason, if you can drive a van, you more than likely can handle a mini bus. The cost of a custom van may be slightly less than our buses. But with the cost of maintenance, you will end up spending on your passenger vans, as well as the purchase of a new van that you will end up buying before your bus needs to be replaced, the cost will end up being more than if you were to purchase a Starcraft Prodigy instead.

Before you buy a 15 passenger van or conversion vans that are for sale, be sure to check out a quality MFSAB from We are owned and operated by Don Brown Bus Sales, Inc.who has been offering quality MFSABs for sale for over 30 years. Located in quiet Johnstown, NY, we are just a few hours drive from anywhere in the New England states. Compare our prices and overall products offered instead of just purchasing a custom van first.

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